Thursday, 15 December 2011

Economic suckdicks

Just look at that. There’s a shortage of manufacturing jobs in first world countries, and regular working class people are out of jobs. These people, the ones who just want to live, and get by, could easily do that, if greedy corporations would stop exporting their labor to countries with cheaper labor costs. All could become well, we could experience meaningful change and discover our place in history. Teachers 100 years from now could make time graphs of us. “There was the internet boom in the mid-to-late-90’s, and shortly afterwards, partly resulting from the ready availability of new ideas via this internet (that’s why I’m branching it from it), there came the world revolt, which lasted roughly from 2010 to 2020 and involved citizens from everywhere making concerted, violent efforts to create change.” said the maternal tutor for young community members.
 There is enough work to employ everyone in the world and end homelessness, if the manufacturing workload was spread more evenly. Instead of slave labor in eastern factories, people everywhere could work normal 8-hour days and live more fulfilling lives. Spreading the workload is most important, whilst still paying the workers, instead of dishing out rations. Everyone would get paid, but our present situation is disgusting. We have been far too trusting because we don’t starve, we have our moments of happiness and we are free [by “we” I mean people born in western countries, with the access to a good education].  The financiers of our economic system are diabolical menaces to greater global happiness.  What can we do about this? Individual wealth cap?  Why not? Everyone will still receive paychecks, but we need to start regulating for the public good. Your paycheck would, just like today [from the perspective of the ignorant public], correspond to your effort.  Those that choose to go to school and work harder than the rest, will ideally have a bigger paycheck. Some people have less energy, and they require less because they prefer to rest and live minimally. There is nothing wrong with this, but they can’t expect a reward for it.  We just can’t let those with all the wealth dictate our lives from behind their enigmatic, elusive, shadowy curtain. It’s avarice, they’re evil, selfish, careless monsters. Unfortunately, at our core, we all harbor half the black heart of a monster, stitched to our red, altruistic one. This is fucked, someone will just manipulate the new way of living and this will start over. Equality is a long way off—it’s not even a speck on the horizon.  

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