Friday, 16 March 2012

Life for a train, trite remarks from a silly child in pale blue pajamas tucking himself in between sheets decorated with clowns.  Go away, come back, stay a while, I believe youre the primary cause for this ride being so bumpy, would you mind hoping off? Yes, right now, youre a lumpy bed and I cant rest like this.  Fetch me those berries in the backyard. Yes, but they aren’t poisonous, she lied to you.  Now sit there and watch me get high, cup your hands beneath my chin in case I puke, I don’t want to spill any on the rug. Atleast not right here, I sit here too often and the smell would bother me.  Throw the food scraps where? What bin? Just stuff them between the couch coushins, but be mindful of my booger collection. Lets see if youre immune to fire. Just sit there quietly, don’t chide me friend im doing my best at covering you thoroughly.  You look so pretty, you should wear more orange.

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