Friday, 16 March 2012

Our Lord Dogdemon the Antichrist

 As he fumbles found hairs between his blunted fingers
He realizes that he is old and tired of living, for life won’t change until he dies.
Anxiety grips his chest, and upon standing he becomes dizzy.
The dog begins to bark at him, which alarms his wife—
Mother of their two children and Grandmother of four more.
The aged antichrist vomits blood on their black tile floors demonically.
The dog stops barking to inspect, tongue first, like a snake.
His wife grabs the phone and calls their oldest son, a surgeon.
Panic, Panic, Panic.
Coincidentally, their boy surgeon arrives as the ambulance does.
Police are inside, hopelessly affecting an earnest resuscitation,
The dog’s eyes glow livid with dark power.
In a bed of acrid blight
The demon thinks,
Out of sight.

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